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Cain has been a massive help with changing my diet and I cannot thank him enough. My diet at first wasn’t the best, I didn’t understand what or how much I should be eating and for my sport (Olympic Lifting) nutrition plays a vital role. After seeing and having a chat with Cain he helped me understand that food is not the enemy! The advice he gave me helped me cut weight healthily and easily for my 2nd international competition in Japan while still keeping my energy and strength up which is exactly what I asked him for. By having my nutrition plan done by Cain I am now full of energy all the time, my training has never been better, my strength is going up, ¬†I never feel like I need more food and I don’t have many sweet cravings like I used to! I now know the right way for my body to cut weight and still stay healthy and strong, I know that I have to listen to what my body needs to perform better and help me win medals!! ¬†Without going to Cain and getting his help I would never be where I am now with my health, it has changed my life a lot. Even though I have only had on consultation with Cain he has always been there if I need to ask him any questions or I need the support before and after competitions. Thank you Cain!! Fraer Morrow

British Senior Champion 2016 & 2017

English senior champion 2017

British junior champion 2016

5th in Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

British records for snatch, clean & jerk and total for junior U20 and U23 & British record for snatch and total for senior

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