Cain delivering one of his renowned seminars. Sharing Knowledge is truly a gift.

Here at GB Fitness we want to Optimise your health and vitality in every way…and that includes being safe and helping others to be so also.


BUT if something does happen we want you to be able to help. This is why we offer First Aid qualifications both in the traditional sense of saving a life and also to look out for warning signs and behaviours of those who mental health is not so good.


As a leading NUCO trainer of First Aid qualifications Holly offers courses from 1 day through to 3 Day qualifications. She has a lot of first hand experience and has herself applied her knowledge in several emergency situations.


Cain has been writing and teaching his award winning qualification courses for over 20 years, and having worked in therapy and delivering talks on the issues of poor mental health, he will now be delivering new qualifications in First Aid Mental Health. These range from a half day Level 1 course to s 2 day Level 3 course. 


Please take a look at our individual pages to learn more about the fantastic First Aid qualification courses. 

Also the new First Aid Mental Health courses that will start in the Spring of 2020.