Other Services

  • One to One Personal Exercise Tuition and Coaching (we don’t just give you a ‘workout’ … we educate and motivate).
  • One to One Nutrition Consultations (from eating programs to supplement regimes for health and vitality, fat loss, muscle gain and health issues).
  • In Depth Health Assessments (including body composition analysis, blood pressure and heart rate, fitness tests and full blood analysis for any issue you wish to investigate and deal with utilising our professional team). Cain is a qualified phlebotomist and has access to many prestigious labs worldwide including The Doctors Lab – very well respected for clinical blood work, Nordic – best in class for DNA genetic testing, Invivo – a wide range of tests including comprehensive gut health assessments and Genova – for hormonal and metabolic tests.
  • Corporate Programs to enhance Optimal Health within the workplace (and out of it).
  • Motivational techniques to maximise your positive attitude toward your goals and indeed your whole life.
  • Training courses and qualifications to give you the very best education that will give you the very best tool you can have in any industry … Knowledge that will Work!
  • Seminars on any topic that you feel would enhance you and your friends/work colleagues.
  • Level 1/2/3 qualifications in First Aid Mental Health. Courses designed to help recognise issues and help with early suggestions of referral and help.
  • The Good Nutrition course, a Level 2 certificate, is a great starting point for those interested in Healthy Eating…for themselves, their families, working in the food industry or as an introduction to the award winning Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimal Health.


We at GB Fitness welcome you to just look around the site and print off any information you feel is helpful. We want you to be all that you can be and if we help in any small way then we are glad to have been of assistance

Cain is the best in this industry, he is literally the crème de la crème. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to train and study with him. I’m yet to meet someone with the same passion for…anything! This is not just a man with a great deal of knowledge regurgitating what he’s learnt, no. This is a man who has a great deal of knowledge with equalling experience to be able to help people from all walks of life and apply it to a plethora of situations. Cain has rightly deserves the nickname “guru”.
Not only is Cain’s expertise in the health industry impressive but so is his ability to speak publicly. Cain is a professional speaker, he has done a variety of seminars to groups of differing levels of education and always has a good reception. I have attended many of these seminars and he just has a way with the audience, he has impeccable delivery of content.
I conquered one of my all-time goals last year and competed in a natural bodybuilding competition. I hired Cain as my coach and he was very supportive from the get go. There was nothing but care from him, he was always motivating me and filling me with confidence. I followed everything he said and it paid off, he got me into the best shape of my life. I would recommend Cain to anyone interested in looking good and feeling good, no matter what your goals are! – Chris Halgreen ( Pharmacist)

For more information contact Cain on

07961346461 or cain@gbfitness.com