The GB Fitness Health Audit designed to ‘Assess Not Guess!’


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As you would audit the books to determine the financial health of a company, so too can you audit the health of yourself/your staff to facilitate improvements in your/their overall well-being. The power of bringing health to the individual is significant, especially considering how few of us will undertake any recommended yearly check up. An assessment can be the catalyst for early intervention and encourage individuals to visit their G.P. if health risks are made evident.

As a qualified phlebotomist Cain is able to take your blood, via venepuncture, if required.

The health audit consists of an individual consultation with Cain Leathem who will undertake some/all of the following physiological screening tests:

• Total Body Composition Assessment (includes bodyfat, lean tissue and hydration levels as well as daily calorific requirement)

• Comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis (with focus on LIFE/work balance)

• Nutritional Assessment (incorporating a needs assessment, symptom analysis, goal setting etc.)

• Blood Pressure

• Resting/Working Heart Rate

• Blood Cholesterol (the all important HDL/LDL ratio not just a total figure)

Blood Glucose and HbA1c (Type II Diabetes Risk)

• Full Biochemistry Profile that includes Liver Enzymes, Electrolyte levels, Iron Status, Red and White Blood Cell count, Triglycerides, Iron and Ferritin status and more

• Stress Resilience Assessment

• Cardiovascular Disease Development Risk Assessment

• Vital Lung Capacity Measure

• DNA assessments (via mouth swab for health, fitness and nutrition influencing genes)

• Flexibility Assessment

In fact a full range of bespoke assessments can be offered and any pathology test that you require can be discussed and provided. These include:

• Female/Male Hormone Panel

• Thyroid/Adrenal Function Tests (TSH, T4, Free T3 and DHEA, Cortisol etc.)

• Full E.C.G. and R.E.R. Training Zone & Fuel Substrate tests which will give you accurate information on YOUR optimal fat burn heart rate, lactate threshold and V02 max. A great asset to achieving your goal efficiently.

• Immune/Viral Assessment Profiles

• Vitamin/Mineral/Essential Fats/Toxin level Status

• Allergy/Intolerance Screening (IgE, IgG etc)

• Comprehensive Gut Health (including stool tests for pathogens and beneficial bacteria balance)

• We also offer a full Biomechanical Screen for underlying issues, be it for posture or sport. Treatment can be offered in the form of massage therapy and correctional exercises.

Upon completion of the assessments, participants are given a report of assessment results and key recommendations towards making the appropriate healthy lifestyle choices that are individually tailored to each client to facilitate the achievement of this Optimal Health goal. All results are kept in the strictest confidence.

Clinical health assessments right there in your office!

Cain Leathem is a qualified phlebotomist and has access to many leading labs including The Doctors Lab, Invivo, Genova, Thriva, Nordic, Lorisian and more.

Cain arranges for world renowned educators such as Umahro Cadogan to teach his students the latest advances in health assessments and clinical testing, utilising labs around the globe.

Simply call to discuss you requirements, be they individual or part of a

Corporate Optimal Health package.

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The GB Fitness Health Audit is a standard component of the Corporate OPTIMAL-Being Program. In this capacity, it constitutes a pre-program benchmark from which program success can be gauged with longitudinal comparison on individual and company improvements in health and fitness physiology.

All services can be offered to individuals also, please just ask.

Alan Cliffe, GB Fitness student and client, getting a body composition assessment (clothes are normally kept ON!)